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I love Jeanette’s evening classes on Zoom – definitely getting a killer workout even though its online and at home and the best option in lockdown – would definitely recommend it to anyone! – Nazish Hussain

Absolutely love the classes on Zoom. Jeannette, Fuzzy and Natasha are as amazing online as they are in person. Initially I was skeptical about working out at home, with minimal equipment, in front of my laptop. But now my week feels empty if I don’t workout with my favourites on Zoom and these classes give me the sense of a routine. It’s the same environment as the gym, we laugh and cry and the instructors don’t let you slack even for a minute. 10/10 would recommend! – Hareem Kapadia

The Fitness Classes at Studio X have been my silver lining during this testing time. The studio x team bring the warmest vibes into my day,and keep me motivated to keep moving. I always give up all gym routines within weeks, but they’ve kept me coming back and feeling stronger- Khadija Malik

Taking fitness classes with Jeanette, Anum and Fuzzy! And they’re all great. Excellent work outs and high energy. I always found it tough to workout at home and keep up the energy but Studio X classes are just as good at home as at the studio! – Saman Shahid