Spin X

Spin X is a 45-minute high energy indoor cycling class working the full body and engaging ones core. Classes are led by motivational trainers who guide and push your limits! Music is key. We spin to the beats and ride with the rhythm. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel. Get ready for fat-burning cardio and letting go. Spin X brings to you on of the most sought out workouts to challenge the mind and body.
Are you ready to ride?

What is Spin X?

Studio X expanded its services in 2015 to bring its clients one of the most sought our workouts, Indoor-cycling. Fuzzy Faruque is a certified spinning instructor and head trainer. After returning from her training with Studio X, Spin X was launched. A 45-minute high energy low impact indoor cycling to challenge and push limits. The studio is set in a club environment: colored lights and loud music! The class is fast paced and cardio intensive. Adding on resistance to build muscle sprints to burn calories and choreography to engage the core and making a mind, body and soul connection to ride beyond any limits.


Spin X

Class Packages
  • Adrenaline 4 classes Rs 6,000
  • Intensifier 8 classes Rs 8,500
  • Power 12 classes Rs 12,500
  • Per class (member) Rs 2,200