About Us

Studio X has been operating as the premium innovator and the trendsetter for fitness and health in Karachi since 2003. Our goal is to provide valued clients with the most comprehensive fitness program through a variety of dynamic and professional Group Classes, Personal training and Bootcamps at the studio and online. Studio X is one of its kind in Karachi.


We provide one to one personal training sessions geared to get our clients to achieve their goals. Workouts are customized and diet plan given by a nutritionist to get you moving in the right direction with the right guidance.


In March 2020, when lockdown was imposed all over the world, and our studio shut, we launched our online group classes that have been a hit! And we continue to do so.


We provide a range of fitness classes geared towards getting our clients into the best shape and health. Classes vary from cardio, strength, flexibility, yoga and toning at the studio and online.


With limited options of a facility to cater to fitness requirements, Studio X was established in October 2003 In Karachi. Throughout Pakistan, there was a lack in the awareness of fitness and its holistic benefits to the body, mind, and emotional health. Since the late 90’s, demanding jobs and careers took precedence at the cost of personal well-being. Women in particular, often with challenging careers and family obligations, tend to ignore their health. For those who wanted to make fitness part of their lives there were a handful of trainers offering group classes restricted to private spaces usually home gardens or living rooms.
At Studio X we have just one goal: to provide clients with the most comprehensive fitness program in a professional environment, through professional instruction, various multilevel group classes, latest equipment, and personal training. We want the kind of fitness for our clients that we would demand for ourselves.

Hard work, dedication, investment, and vested interest has made Studio X the largest established fitness studio in Pakistan, being recognized in the industry as the trendsetter for promoting fitness and health in Karachi. We have worked with over a 1,000 clients, ranging from professional athletes to people suffering from debilitating diseases such as Osteoporosis, and everyone in between, regardless of age, weight, fitness level, or gender. Fitness is for all!

Jeannette Faruque is now sole proprietor. Her reputed experience makes her a fitness icon. Her priority is to innovate, introduce, develop, and improve the Studio facilities, and the classes regularly. Her daughter, Fuzzy Faruque joined her in 2014 helping expand and grow the Studio X name further with the introduction of Spinning classes and bootcamps along with nutrition programs.

For over a decade Jeannette has devoted herself to improving the quality of life for countless individuals through numerous group classes. she is honored to be the engine that drives and promotes the importance of self-empowerment, the individual strength garnered by being part of a motivated group. Group motivation can empower you to overcome obstacles that might, as an individual, seem insurmountable. Group support will change the way people see you and, most importantly, the way you see yourself. When a person realises the control they can have over their body, they see this power impact all aspects of life.

We consider our new premises as a wellness centre catering to client needs.
Innovation and modern fitness programs have become a Studio X hallmark. If it’s being done around the world, chances are, we offer it too. Studio X trainers regularly take part in international refresher courses keeping them up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Each quarter a new class is introduced to keep clients motivated and in shape.

Our certified instructors and personal trainers help each client individually achieve their short and long term goals. The Studio holds a comfortable vibe helping inspire a motivational atmosphere for all of our clients. Studio X caters to everyone. Whether a beginner or advanced, the variety of classes available helps clients design routines best suited to their personal preference.

When choosing a class, think beyond the norm of aerobics or step. Instead try something new, something different, like Pilates or Spin. Break away from your comfort zone and push yourself into trying something you wouldn’t usually consider. Each class is headed by our experienced instructors who will encourage you, motivate you and help you reach further. If you are uncertain of your fitness level or confused between what classes to join our fitness Experts will assist in designing a suitable programme helping you achieve your individual goals. A monthly review of your program and measurements will be undertaken to keep you on track.

Our unique approach has earned us the trust and respect of our clients and peers, allowing us to maintain an excellent reputation in the fitness community.

Studio X is proud to be at the fore-front of the latest , most innovative and highly appreciated programs being introduced in the fitness business. Offering a wide range of popular programs as part of our group fitness schedule we aim to go beyond the basic repertoire of fitness. A unique blend of workout techniques that will leave you feeling fresh, keep you inspired and add versatility to your training schedule.

If variety in your workout is what you require, our unique group classes will fill that requirement. Flexibility, cardiovascular (CV), resistance-training, core, and a combination of all these disciplines are available at the classes. . Training in a group is motivating and fun, while Participating in a range of exercises during class is an excellent way of building all-round fitness.
Our team strives to provide the best possible service at every visit. We invite you to come indulge in the Studio X experience. Appointments can be scheduled at your convenience. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Thank you for your interest in Studio X and hope to see you soon!


“We consider our new premises as a wellness centre catering to client needs. Innovation and modern fitness programs have become a Studio X hallmark. We aim to go beyond the basic repertoire of fitness. A unique blend of workout techniques that will leave you feeling fresh, keep you inspired and add versatility to your training schedule”


We will guide you through the workouts.


We keep a check on you and help you reach your desired goals .


We keep you motivated by making the classes fun and challenging