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Fitness and Yoga Instructor
Jeannette Faruque
  • Certified by National Association for Fitness, specializing in Personal Training and Group Instruction
  • Certified Pranavyi and Jivamukti Yoga
  • Certified Ashtanga Yoga
  • Head Trainer and Owner of Studio X

Jeannette is both owner and head trainer at Studio X and embodies twenty years experience in fitness training. Her BA in Hotel Management has taught her to meet and exceed client expectations and she has put this knowledge to use in every facet of Studio X. Not known for doing anything by half, Jeannette has upped the ante for fitness studios in Pakistan. She invested in reeducating herself and is an internationally certified instructor who continues to train, and retrain, in world-class fitness techniques.

Jeannette takes this experience and knowledge, packs it solid with enthusiasm and a can do spirit to create workouts that burn fat, increase strength, sculpt the body and elate the spirit. Pilates, Power Yoga, personal training or the cross training, Jeannette’s approach is to make each person realize, attain, and even exceed their own potential. And that she serves up with a portion of pure Colombian caffeine free stimulating fun.

A die hard advocate for Yoga, Jeannette has personally benefitted from yogic training, hence, she promotes it for metabolism boosting, mind and body equilibrium, structured nutrition, and for sustainable fat loss. She leads with the charge,

Pull in those abs! Tighten those glutes!

Fitness Trainer
Fuzzy Faruque
  • Social Media and Marketing Manager for Studio X
  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Juicing for Health
  • Co-Founder of The Ultimate Detox

Fuzzy did her foundation in Art and Design from St. Martins and later graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Designing and Communications. She joined her mother in 2012 and is charge of the Social Media and Marketing of the Studio.

Realizing how unfit and unhealthy I had become throughout my university days, I decided to give my mothers’ 7 day Detox a try when I moved back home. That was my turning point. I realized instantly how desperately I needed a lifestyle change

Soon after Fuzzy began training as a fitness instructor under her mother and undergoing fitness courses in Dubai and London to further train. She began conducting classes that incorporate cardio and weight training for maximum results. In 2015, Fuzzy got certified in Spinning and launched Spin X, Indoor Cycling Studio at Studio X. Her classes are high in demand, fast paced, cardio intensive and addictive that challenge and transform your body while pedaling to the beat of music!

Fitness Instructor
Huma Ali

A healthy body is a happy mind and a healthy mind is a happy body

Balancing a successful career with your personal health and fitness goals is a challenge for everybody, even me.

My philosophy is centered on helping my clients reach attainable fitness goals, and build strength and endurance through a motivational, fun, and highly efficient workout program.

I like to mix up routines and get results. I combine cardiovascular training and weight training with important stretching techniques, for a full mind-body workout in a challenging, yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Fitness Trainer
Zahra Arif

Zahra is a former banker and fitness enthusiast. From Zahra’s experience working within the business world she understands the stresses and strains that can take hold of everyday life. Zahra takes her experience and combines it with her passion for creating fun workouts that are effective in burning fat, increasing strength and toning your body, leaving you re energized. Her journey to step aerobics classes begun at the Sheraton and Avari hotels in Karachi in the mids 80’s. She has been a part of Studio X team since 2007.

Fitness Instructor
Natasha Owais

Natasha started training like anyone else – with the aim to stay fit and keep the calories in check. What started casually though, turned out to be a passion, a lifestyle and eventually a profession. Being a student of Jeannette for many years, Natasha started to train under her and now conducts classes at Studio X. Her classes are a challenging mix of high intensity cardio and strength training.

Working out has its usual visible benefits that everyone talks about, but I feel, that how one's energy and choices reflect through ones family is a true game changer

Fitness Instructor
Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is a by Barrister by profession. Having a corporate desk job, she appreciates the importance of exercise in ones everyday routine in order to ensure optimal physical and mental health. It was this quest for achieving the maximum amount of physical benefit in an allocated span of time that led her to Studio X. She has been a member for the past ten years and over the years has been trained by Jeanette to impart training herself. Nadia has found the varied training offered at Studio X to be maximally beneficial for achieving a healthy body and mind. She believes that the pressures faced in our daily lives are best dealt with through physical training as not only does exercise help one to distress physically, it is also the mental time that one needs away from one’s problems where ‘you are your only priority!

Nadia firmly believes in prioritizing of the self

Only when you are at your best, can you offer what is best to others

Spinning Instructor
Arshy Ahmed
  • Certified Level 2 Group Trainer

Arshy’s journey to fitness started three years ago at Studio X where Fitness and Strength became an obsession. Till one day she was faced with a new love, a new ride – Spin X. “There was something about that bike” she said, “I knew this was it, this is what I love doing.”

My attraction to spinning is simple – Freedom & Spirit. The ride no matter how intense allows my students to escape and be someone new every session; to push themselves harder and connect with a community that isn’t judgmental nor competitive. The only one you compete with is yourself.

Arshy believes that getting the music and routine synced is essential, and takes pride in her dynamic bike routines and distinctive Vibe. She says her weekly musical dedications keep the students guessing and keeps her on her toes or should one say on the pedal.

Arshy is currently studying to become a YMCA certified Exercise to Music (ETM) Trainer – UK

I hope as a trainer I can take you on through this distinctive journey, and together we can sweat it out and have some fun! – Arshy Ahmad

Spinning Instructor
Ayesha Sarfraz

Working out has been a part of my everyday routine for years. I love the energy and motivation, which comes with group classes and the fact that you’re always challenging yourself. With a good instructor you’re never complacent, and you’re always pushing yourself a little further, every time

After having two children very close apart and gaining a lot of weight both times, Ayesha challenged myself to be the healthiest and strongest she’d ever been. Her time spent at studio X allowed her to reach those goals in a short amount of time through consistency and dedication.

I’ve been working out at the studio for over a decade. Under the supervision and guidance of Jeannette and Fuzzy I’ve been trained in-group cycling class

Spinning in Ayeshas’ opinion is one of the best group cardio workouts out there

You feed off each other’s energies and YOU decide how far to push yourself- Music Is such a huge part of working out and spinning lets you get lost pedaling to great beats, everyone on their own journey, on the same count. I love the adrenaline and the euphoric rush you feel after every spin class- you feel like a million bucks! Every.single.time! That’s the best way to describe the high that stays with you after the ride!

Yoga Instructor
Salina Taqi
  • Certified Universal Yoga
  • Certified Radiantly Alive
  • Co-Founder of The Ultimate Detox

Salina’s yoga journey began in Singapore in 2007. I fell in love with the mind, body & soul collision I experienced”. She accumulated over 500 hours of practice in Singapore under the guidance of great teachers and before moving back to Pakistan, became a certified Universal Yoga instructor. In 2012, her passion for Yoga took her to Bali’s renowned Vinyasa based Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training where she complete another 300 hours of training. Furthermore, Salina keeps updated with international standards by taking various workshops & classes.

For Salina, Yoga is a way of life and a journey focused on self-growth and development. Please come join her on this journey of self-purification. Each class is unique and tones both your body and mind.

My class structure is as such that the students are required to look inwards. We are all a work in progress: Lets grow together

Yoga Instructor
Amafah Muneezah Mubashir
  • Certified 200 Hours

Amafah is originally a graphic designer who went to art school and worked in advertising for a few years before deciding to become a certified yoga instructor. She found solace in her practice and it became her escape. She feels like yoga completes her, physically and mentally.

She completed her 200 hour certification on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in 2015. There was no turning back, she has been a full time yoga teacher since. Her classes are known to offer a challenging, rewarding and meaningful hour on your mat.

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